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Statement of Purpose

Traders and the Spirit of the Rendezvous are inseparable and no truthful portrayal of this period in American History can be authentic without the presence and participation of traders. The goods we have come to expect in the trade tents and blankets represent the honor and traditions of our country, and embody the talents and skills of our friends and their reverence for those traditions. Some of those goods are simply necessities that support our families’ participation in the Rendezvous and its myriad activities and events.

Many of the trade goods of yore will not satisfy today’s living history participant. There is little demand for flour, sugar, Vermillion, surcingles and various traps etc. Still many of the trade items sought out by our forefathers are still in high demand and in fact are integral to the future of the Rendezvous, namely guns, knives, blankets, powder, lead, tools, hides and furs, cups and combs, from Alaska to Vermont.

Sadly, the participants and traders have allowed themselves in many cases to be drawn into the modern world and have adapted goods that are of materials and technologies that are not of the period. We can all agree that certain modern concessions are necessary, particularly to protect the health and safety of our friends and family. Some of these concessions are not true to the Spirit of the Rendezvous and do not add to the portrayal of history. The following rules are offered for your consideration to further the Spirit of the Rendezvous and add to the accuracy of our portrayal of history.

The Trade Chief has final decision on all trade questions. Understanding that, the Trade Chief is following all rules set by the Association. The Trade Commission for any given rendezvous shall consist of at least one member of the Chiefs’ Council. Examples of unacceptable trade goods include, but are not limited to, the list of identified items titled “Unacceptable Trade Goods”.

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