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Useful Information


Q. Why should I pre-register? - 

A.  Pre-registration is very helpful to the running of the event. It brings in money needed to get contracts for services, etc. taken care of. Plus, one medallion is included with pre-registration. Registrations received after May 1st are an additional $10 and medallions are not guaranteed after the pre-registration date,

Q. How early can I set up?

A.  Early set up begins June 12th.  If traders would like to come in earlier, please contact the Booshway or Segundo to make arrangements.

Q. When do I need to be in Period Clothing?
A.  For those coming in early we are not requiring period clothing until Friday, June 14th.  If you arrive before Friday, you may stay in your street clothes, if you choose, through Thursday evening.  If you come in Friday, Saturday or Sunday, (June 14-16) you need to be in period clothing immediately after setup. Rendezvous participants must wear primitive clothing to enter, occupy and leave camp from opening ceremonies until after closing ceremonies.

 Q. Are there showers available?

A. No, we will not have showers on site.

 Q. What will the weather be like? 

A.  Average temperatures run between mid 80's to low 90's during the day and mid to upper 60's at night.

Q. Will the ladies be "creekin"? 

A. Probably not in a creek, it is usually pretty dry during June, but we have lots of other social activities planned for the ladies, and the men & kids as well.

Q. What are the rules for Trader Tokens?

A. 2024 Trader Bucks must be redeemed at the event with registered traders, this includes blanket traders if they are willing to accept that as payment. All trader will have a Trader's Certificate.

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