Useful Information


Q. Why should I pre-register? - 

A.  Pre-registration is very helpful to the running of the event. It brings in money needed to get contracts for services, etc. taken care of. Plus, one medallion is included with pre-registration. Registrations received after May 1st are an additional $10 and medallions are also an additional charge if still available.

Q. How early can I set up?
A.  Early set up begins June 18th.  If traders would like to come in earlier, please contact the Booshway or Segundo to make arrangements.

Q. If I come in before the start date, do I need to be in period clothing immediately?
A.  If you come early it is assumed you want to participate and help where needed.  Period dress will be required once your camp is set up, begin to get into the spirit of the event. 

Q. Are there showers available?

A. No, there are not showers on site, but there is the Loup River nearby!

You can set up a shower enclosure behind your tent and there is no additional charge. 

 Q. What will the weather be like? 

A.  This is Nebraska and the weather can change in a matter of hours. Be prepared for hot sticky summer days, possible heavy rains and steamy nights. Again it’s Nebraska and late June.

Q. Will the ladies be "creekin"? 

A. We are hoping so, it will be right next to the Loup River.  As long as there is no flooding we should be good so bring your shallow water craft to enjoy the refreshing stream.

Q. When will Trader Row be open?

A.  We will not have a specific Trader Row – The entire camp will be open to the public Saturday & Sunday, June 14 & 15th 10am – 5pm.  Please note that all trade rules will be enforced from the moment traders are set up, not just after opening ceremonies. 

Q. I am a food vendor, who do I contact about state requirements?  

A.  Contact NE Department of Health (Food Vending) (402) 471-2781

Q. I am a fur vendor, are there special state requirements?

A.  Contact NE GF&P (Fur Traders) (402) 471-5455

Q. What are the rules for Trader Tokens?

A. 2021 trader bucks must be redeemed at the event with registered traders, this includes blanket traders if they are willing to accept that as payment. Registered traders will have a sign indicating their acceptance.